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Course: DH2400 Students: Judith Sirera, Elena González, Rebecka Möller, Magnus Lundh
Fruitine is the new fruit bowl that faces this problem and encourages the user to eat more fruit on a daily basis. Fruitine will remind the user to eat fruit every 4-5 hours through a non-intrusive frictional design based on patterns that break thus becoming unpleasant for the user to see. Fruitine will also notify through lightning whether the bowl is empty and therefore the user should buy fruit.


Course: DH2400 Students: Arjun Menon, Zoë Ansaldi, Jūra Miniotaite, Hajra Ghani.
The purpose of our project is therefore to add small movements during the sitting hours, without the need for the user to actively think about moving, the artefact will do the job. Resit will encourage users to move every 30 minutes.

I Pour Soy in the Piano

Course: DT2213 Students: Daniel Sullivan, Maria Svahn, Josefine Hölling
A brown table for eating sushi withan integrated piano. The piano should have alternating sounds of eating sushi and drinking soy mixed with carbonated water (a prank that you drink wine). A big area for scratching should produce some drum-like sound. Pouring soy into the piano should be a feature, but was (understandably) replaced with background music, controlled by the measured weight of a soy bottle.

Jomäo, a pan flute

Course: DT2213 Students: Jessica Basa, Fanny Curtsson, Magnus Lundh Haaland
A red pan flute that should not sound likea pan flute. Played with two rows of four buttons, and you could alternate between a flute-inspired sound and a processed pianosound. Played with both hands and held like a pan flute.

Christiano Ronaldo

Course: DT2213 Students: Aditya Bhansali, Karl Tunander
A yellow-and-greenbox with three rows of eight buttons playing, respectively, melodies, drums sounds, and sound effects (but no animal sounds). Two sliders control an added sound effect and volume. There should be no loudspeaker, only a headphone jack.