COVID19: How to Book MIDDLA

1) Go to the Skedda booking systemโ€‹

You will need to create an account if you do not have one

2) Login using your credentials

Enter your account details to login to the booking system

3) Select a time slot

Click a time slot in the space that applies to you. Student groups include students taking courses while Research groups include researchers and students doing their master thesis. Drag down the selection to indicate your booking time (1 hour for student groups; 4 hours for research groups)
Please note that if you are attempting to use the laser cutter or the 3D printers for the first time, make sure you book a slot when a lab assistant is free, so that they can show you how to use them safely. Confirm with lab assistants about their availability before booking.

4) Enter details of the booking

Add a booking title (which includes any special equipment you may need)