Access to Middla

Who can get access to MIDDLA? Students and researchers at MID working on Interaction Design projects!

Access will be granted on your KTH ID card after you pass the in person introduction by lab TA, as well as the online modules detailed in this self-sign up course on Canvas - MIDDLA Drivers' License course. To obtain access, sign up for the MIDDLA Drivers License course by clicking the link above and follow the instructions on the course.
After you obtain access on your card, you should be able to use MIDDLA for your projects. Book a slot using the SKEDDA scheduling system (on the navigation bar), on a first come first served basis. Please note that some tasks, e.g. using the laser cutter other noisy activities, should preferably be done after office hours.
However, due to COVID-19, only 5 users are allowed in MIDDLA at any given time (students and researchers included). Please ensure that you have a valid booking before using MIDDLA. In case of group projects, all members using the lab should have an individual booking.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide access students or users who are not a part of MID, at the moment, but that could change in the future!
Open the door with your KTH access card
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