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Course: DH2400 Students: Erik Dahlström, Dan Cariño, Anxiao Chen, Niclas Ericsson and John Turesson
Memonile is a device used for taking notes whenever and wherever. Having the Memonile hanging around your neck makes it available at all times so you don't have to pick up your phone to make a note. Your notes are automatically saved to your phone so that you can review your notes at a later time.
Course: DH2400 Students: Tommy Feldt, Shaun Mendonsa, Sarah Freilich, Andreas Rau and Daniel Molin.
The Peripipe is a pipe-shared remote control that uses breath for interaction. A short sip pauses the music and a short puff starts it again. Change the volume with continuous sips and puffs. A double puff skips to the next song.
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