Welcome to MIDDLA!

MID + lab = MIDDLA

MIDDLA is a small lab on the 6th floor in the D building at KTH (find us here).
att middla [²mid:lar]: to construct or create from a diverse range of things specifically in the context of physical interaction design.
The lab is a new space for students, primarily from Interactive Media Technology but also from other programs, researchers from the MID department of EECS, and any KTH students/employees interested in interaction design.
The lab is open to work on student projects, building prototypes with digital fabrication tools, getting advice from experts, attending applied lectures on e-textiles, prototyping with Arduino, shape-changing materials, etc.
The only requirement to be part of the MIDDLA community is to currently have a student or employee status at KTH and express a genuine interest in interaction design. If you're not affiliated to KTH but would like to collaborate, email us! :)

Connect with us

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When is Middla booked for courses or workshops?


August 2020. Check the important information tab concerning restrictions due to COVID-19.
06/02/2019. Middla is now open! We're working on installing a card reader and a few other things before the lab is fully functioning.
30/01/2019. Middla is almost ready for opening! Come to our opening party on February 1st.
13/11/2018. Construction in Middla has begun! Access is very limited. The 3D printer has been moved. Contact us if there are any urgent matters!
24/10/2018. Construction in Middla will begin on November 12th until the end of the month. The lab will have limited access during those weeks!
10/10/2018. We have a new 3D printer! To use it please follow the instructions here.
05/10/2018. The ventilation in the laser cutter is not working. Please use it only for urgent matters and keep the cutting sessions as short as possible.


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